Web Programming using cakephp


CakePHP is an open-source rapid development framework for PHP to build web applications easier,
faster and with less code. It follow the MVC approach for web designing & Development.

Why to use CakePHP Framework

Due to many built-in features of CakePHP framework we can develop any website in a very short time.There are many usefull classes in Framework which reduce significant amount of time in development like built-in validations,easy database operations,testing etc and well organize the code with naming convention in folders.Easy CRUD database interaction make it more valuable for developers.It also provide Scaffolding to save production time.It's Model-View-Controller Architecture give proper code management environment.

CakePHP is a complete,robust and comprehensive web development solution. Cake has been built with the aim of rapid development, which is important for every web developer. The main issue of software development is the cost of the development time, and CakePHP reduce development time significantly.

CakePHP is whirl for those who are searching for PHP based solution like Ruby on Rails.

Convention over Configuration

CakePHP make heavy emphasis on convention like Ruby on Rails .The naming conventions for tables, fields, files, directories, classes, method and property names, allow CakePHP to make assumptions about your code and no need to define it explicitly. This cuts down on a large amount of code, and allows you to focus on what's important.

CakePHP makes certain default assumptions:

  • Table names will be plural
  • Name of the primary key field will be id
  • Names of foreign key will be based on the referenced table name followed by _id (like foreign key into a customers table would be customer_id).

CakePHP Libraries

The awesome features of CakePHP is the built-in libraries Components and Helpers Libraries which eliminate many repetitive and tedious development tasks. As per MVC context, Components help streamline controller development, while Helpers simplify view coding and logic.

CakePHP PreRequsite

Student should have general understanding of PHP and a basic understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP).