PHP/MySQL Industrial Training


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What is PHP?

PHP is easy & favorite programming language for web developers and stands for Hypertext Preprocesser. Its a server side scripting language , compiled on web server and generate dynamic HTML response which displayed on Client browser.PHP code is secure and can not be viewed from browser like java script.

What can design with PHP?

Light Weight & exciting Applications can be developed through PHP scripting. You can receive data or input from customer and stored it in your MySQL database at Windows or Linux Server. Developer can store temporary data on Session or Cookies as per requirment through Apache Server. Application Configuration can be managed through httpd and .htaccess files.

Why Learn PHP course from us?

Our trainers of PHP share knowledge through simple examples and ultimate guidance on fundamentals. Our Syllabus cover all basic and advance tools and reference materials which improve your skills as per IT standards. Every topic of each chapter has been explained practically. Training certificate has been issued to students after Live Project Completion and placement support will given to each student for better career achievement.

Flexible timing & Weekend Classes

You can join our training classes on daily basis or attend weeekend schedules. Flexible timing , classroom based environment ,Individual attention give you comfort zone of learning. Interactive learning & instant answers of PHP problems clear all confusion of your mind. Working on real time problems give more conceptual environment for PHP beginners.

So, Start a PHP career by attending our in-depth professional coaching on Dynamic Web Designing & Application Development. PHP COURSE

Web Design course

We also provide Web Design course with HTML5 and CSS.Here you will learn how to Design a beautiful and colorful template.Image Editing ,managing text and fonts,implementing Div through CSS are essential things for Web pages.Merging of static & Dynamic pages also illustrated in easy way.

Jaipur City The Training Hub

Jaipur the pink city which is also known as wall city providing Word class PHP training and is center of IT Zone of Rajasthan.Learn PHP Scripting from best teacher and get trained under Software Developer with LIVE Projects at DZONE Software Training Institute in Jaipur.

JOB Oriented PHP Internship

There are number of PHP Software compines in jaipur who are providing internship in jaipur for MCA and B.Tech students which is followed by JOB for fresher.Here coaching institute gives better oportunity than other states to gain knowledge and arrange side by side skill development program to lead better job aspects in PHP sector. As PHP based on Apache Web Server and best comunicated with MySQL Server so students LIVE Projects are combination of both of these technologies.They work on Server side script as well as on Background database SQL quries to interect with database.Interview preparetion,Workshops and test series are part of perfect training in Jaipur.

Skill needs for PHP programmer

A PHP candidate should well versed with basic programming skills of computer in either language like Basic,C Language or C++.Students must know the conditional programming concepts (If-Else), Iteration through looping (for loop/While loop), Arrays and user defined functions. Web Designing is also role as a key strength of candidate if it is integrated with Java Script, JQuery and HTML5.It learner is dedicated to study ,punctual in class and make practice on daily home work could be a good PHP programmer.