PHP basic Tutorial


What is PHP?

Every newbie want to know about PHP role in web designing and keen to that how its wotk? Basically PHP is acronym for Personal Home Pages, but is now known as a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is invented by Danish Greenlander Rasmus Lerdorf and then developed as open source technology. Its a scripting language which can combine with html tags and have an file extension .php for every server side pages.PHP compilation take place at server and generate runtime HTML response for client.Its a very light weight scripting as compare to other web programming languages. PHP has the enviable brand in Web World in a very short time.

How PHP Work?

When a website request is send to web server for a PHP page than first server analyze the web page and compile the scripting part of dynamic page as per instructions and generate the desire HTML output and send it to browser.HTML Design part will be compile on client side by Web Browsers. We always receive only HTML tags and text at client side in response of PHP page from hosted Server.PHP coding never shown on clients computer.

How to install PHP Server on Local Computer

To learn php you don't need to be online.. ,you can create a web server on your local computer by installing xampp server or Wamp server on your local machine.These software come with combination of Apache Web Server and MySQL Database Server.By installing these softwares your computer will work as a Web Server and you can host your web site on it's root location like htdocs folder in xampp or www folder in Wamp.

Why to use PHP?

PHP is Extremely robust , scalable and powerful language. Due to it's light weight scripting it deliver excellent performance on web server on high traffic. Another benefit of PHP is that it' free no need it purchase license software's to make PHP Websites. In a very few time you can generate Database oriented Applications. It can easily embedded with HTML and other web supporting languages like javascript, JQuery and CSS.

Learn PHP If-else Conditions:   We have the following conditional statements in PHP language

Learn PHP loops:  For loops execute the code number of times.

PHP Form Submission:  For post data superglobals $_GET and $_POST are used in php.

Learn PHP array:  An array stores multiple values in one single variable